Holiday Break

Goodies – Bicycle Stickers

Stick out with these 3M reflective waterproof stickers for your bike.

Sneak Peek – Alphabet Bags

A little look at some very big bags that have just arrived!  

Goodies – Plan It

NEW! An 18-month planner with 3 magnets to organise your memos and your life?

Goodies – Mushroom Bowling

Roll the squirrel to hit the most mushrooms.

Goodies – Playing Cards

Playing cards that include instructions to play 4 classic games!

Goodies – Peek-A-Zoo

Race to identify which animal is behind the peek hole...

Goodies – Cute Spinning Tops

A dizzy monster that loves to spin!

Goodies – A Money Tree

Looking for an original way to gift money. How about inside this tree shaped wooden savings bank?

Goodies – Huckleberry Boomerang

Yay! Go outside, throw your boomerand and watch it fly!
Eat Sleep Doodle

Eat Sleep Doodle

One of our first suppliers is back and in addition to pencil bags we now have placemats and a tablecloth that you can colour in - her and over again! Placemat 16chf Tablecloth 26chf Doodle Bag 14chf Pencil case 14chf