A Nordic Christmas


Advent House Calendar

Window Stickers

Velvet MERRY CHRISTMAS Bunting 14chf

Merry Christmas Acrylic Bunting 14chf

Starburst Fairy Lights 20chf

Snowflake Wooden Garland 10chf

Gift Wrap

Set of 5 Light Up Houses 24chf

Wire Place Cards Holders 8chf for 4

Stocking Holder 14chf

Tree Paper Napkins 5chf


Set of 2 candle Holders

Light Up Silver Star

Gold Stocking Holder 14chf

Gold Leaf Ribbon

Light Up Houses

Wooden Set of 4 Trees

Advent Candle Holder 14chf

Gift wrapping Tag set

Glass Luminaries or Vases 20cm High – 10chf each

Gold Botanical Flowers 15chf each

Mistletoe Glass Luminary 20cm high – 12chf

House Garland which lights up! 11chf

Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations 12chf (set of 4)

Merry Christmas Garland 4chf each

Paper Christmas Trees 10chf

Mistletoe Sprig in Metal 25chf

Glass Candlesticks 16chf each

SOPHIE ALLPORT Cork Placemats and Coasters set of 4 each

Tree Top Placecards 4chf

Silver edged placards 4chf

NOEL wooden Confetti 5chf

Mini Little Trees Wooden Confetti 5chf

Cellophane Snowflake Bags 3chf

Cellophane Chevron Bags 3chf

Silver Mini Crackers filled with confetti 10chf for set of 6

Wooden Pegs Shaped like Trees line for hanging cards 7chf

Cheese Food Picks 4chf

Pinecone Place Card Holders set of 6 for 8chf

Silver Star Headband 7chf


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November 3, 2022

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