Klevering Summer 2022


Lilac Picnic Basket 45chf

Designed for fruit, but also suitable for vegetables or other tasty things. Each stoneware picknick basket has irregular braids to create a unique look.

Photo Frames – Graphic patterns are the inspiration for these colourful and beautiful check photo frame collection. The complete range of check photo frames are perfect for saving your most precious memories anywhere you like.

Pink Large 28chf

Green Small 14chf

Strawberry Salt and Pepper Shakers – 16chf

These strawberry salt & pepper shakers will give every dining table a fruity touch. Easy to be refilled from below.

Strawberry Jar – 16chf

This sweet strawberry jar can be useful as kitchen storage but can also be a perfect fit for other rooms around the house. Use it for storing small items, such as candies, sugar cubes, q-tips or cotton pads.

Lemon Carafe 22chf – Set up a summery table with this irregular lemon carafe.

Lemon Moroccan Plates, set of 4 – 36chf – Combine the cheerful plates with the lemon carafe.

Orange Twig Plates Set of 4, 54chf – Set up a summery table with these irregular orange plates for the perfect table setting during a sultry summer evening.

Daisy Bowl 12chf – For a fancy dinner in the garden or a picnic during the summer, this daisy bowl will complete any setting with its cheerful appearance.

Daisy Coasters Set of 4 – 20chf – In need of an eyecatcher to keep your table unharmed? These flowery coasters are the answer!


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May 14, 2022

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