Unicorn 🦄


For all “Hunenbergers” and unicorn lovers out there, here’s a new play on an old game! Fashioned after the classic corn-hole/bag toss game. Game includes wooden board and horns. Makes a great gift for all ages.Perfect for the office or lunchroom. Can be played solo, or against a partner. Get your horn through the hole!

Unicorn Food Picks 4chf

Unicorn Flip and Zip Pillow 40chf

Unicorn Candle Holder 10chf

Rainbow Ceramic Catch All – Porcelain 5chf

Unicorn Money Bank 12chf


Unicorn Cake Candle 2chf

Pastel Plates 6chf


Napkins 5chf

Paper Party Bags 6chf

Snack Box 4chf



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September 22, 2021

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