We hope you have already done this over the past few weeks, but if not; it’s time to take a long walk in nature. To make it more interesting, make it an Eye-Spy walk (spotting things that are hard to find with a specific colour or beginning with a specific letter) or a Scavenger Hunt (collect interesting leaves and objects and craft with them later).


When we were little and very bored in the car, we would each pick a specific colour car to count, so follow suit and pick a nature themed object: think of a specific bird, mushroom, pinecone, tree… and see who gets the most or first to ten!

Or how about a woodland safari! Take a trip to the Arth Goldau Wildpark and see how many woodland animals you can spot (another favourite fall outing year on year) or start a collection and create your own in the garden with these cute Jellycat soft toys!