One of the reasons I created the shop In Good Company in 2009 was to source all of the amazing things I saw overseas for the South African market, now over a decade later I found myself with a similar problem. Here I am in Switzerland with two teenage girls wondering what on earth am I going to give them and their friends for their birthdays?!? I scoured the shops and there was lots of cute things for little ones and so many lovely things for the home but nothing fun and functional for teens (Apple electronics don’t count!). So In Good Company is being relaunched to not only find stylish stationery and gorgeous gifts for young kids and homemakers but also for my favourite target market at the moment: trying teens!

One of the brands that I knew that could solve this problem for me was from the US. It is bright and bold but also their wellness edge is just what everyone needs right now. I will be sharing lots of their goodies here on the blog but as a little introduction: how cool is this Key to Serenity towel!