The Uberstar Bottle Cooler will keep your wine and champagne cold for hours.

Made from two layers of high quality stainless steel with a vacuum in between, it insulates your bottle, helping to regulate the temperature. It also features a collar top, which acts as a lid sealing the bottle inside, meaning the coldness doesn’t escape and prevents heat from entering. Furthermore, we’ve designed it with an in-built adapter, so it’s compatible for both wine and champagne bottles.

So bin the ice bucket and upgrade your dining experience to enjoy crisp, cool fizz with the Uberstar Bottle Cooler.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Double wall with vacuum insulation
  • Screw top cap to keep the coldness in
  • Built-in sizing adapter to fit wine & champagne bottles
  • Rubber base to provide grip and protect your table
  • Finished in high gleam grey
  • Measures: 22.8cm (height) x 11.5cm (diameter)