Make your Mom’s morning extra special, let her have a long lie in and then surprise her with a Bagel Brunch: think bagels, cream cheese, smashed avocados, scrambled eggs and sliced veggies… and spoil her with a few new Bloomingville accessories as a gift.

1. Bea Serving Platter 40chf
2. Bea Olive Oil Dispenser 25chf
3. Bea Milk Jug 12chf
4. Bea Olive Serving Dish 12chf
5. Bea Water Jug 25chf
6. Bea Butter Dome 25chf
7. Wooden Serving Board 28chf
8. Wooden Cheese Knives 20chf set of 3
9. Talking Tables Bud Vases 8chf/13chf
10. Ginger Ray Ditsy Napkins 4chf
11. Ginger Ray Ditsy Bunting 6chf
12. Ginger Ray Heart Tags 4chf
13. Ginger Ray Heart Confetti 4chf
14. Ginger Ray Kraft Tags 4chf
15. LOVE Tea Postcard 6chf
16. Caroline Gardner Card 4chf