Gifts for Kids


Double Pen 3chf

Soap Dispensers 20chf

Water Bottle 16chf

Food Flasks 22chf

Push Down Racing Car 10chf

Grow Your Own 9chf

Star Tiara 9chf


Star Wand 8chf

Vintage Transport Water Bottle 10chf

Nature Trail Tattoos 2chf


Periodic Table Tea Towel 7chf

Periodic Table Snack Bags 6chf for 3

Cat Water Bottle 7chf

Magic Slate 2chf

Chocolate Notepad 4chf

Egg Felt Tip Pens 3chf

Space Lollies

Sharks 4chf

Mouse Water Bottle

Miko Kalediscope 5chf

Wish Capsule Bracelet 16chf


Lunch box with little breadboard topper and knife 28chf


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October 4, 2022

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