Design Works Collection

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Matisse Journal

Half Moon Notepads

Travel case 24chf

Office on the Go case 32chf

Jewellery Travel Cases 32chf

Spectacles Case 14chf


Notebook 16chf

Notebook & Pen 20chf

PAUSE Notebook and Pen 20chf



Twisty Slim Metal Pens – Set of 4 – 20chf

Half Moon Notepad TAKE NOTE 10chf

Stick Notes 15chf

Vintage Sass Notepads 7chf


Vintage Sass Notebooks 18chf

Vintage Sass Ceramic Mugs 15chf

Bon Appetit Recipe Notebooks Set

Adventure Set of Notebooks

Dog Stapler

Pencil Sets

Manicure Set




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February 1, 2023

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