Gentlemen’s Hardware


Rope Lights 26chf

Hang Tidy 22chf

Travel Towel 26chf

Cooking Pot 28chf


Grill Basket 22chf

Tooling Pen 22chf

Waterproof Notebook

Campfire Story Dice 10chf

Stool 25chf

Explorer Kit 26chf

Mini Gardening Tools


Air Tag Holder

AirTag Holder

Portable Ashtray

Shark Clips to hold cables in place

Mini Hammer Multi Tool

Mini Manicure Tool

Mini Back Scratcher

Extinguish your thirst with this bright novelty water bottle. Designed as a play on the standard fire extinguisher, this fun bottle is designed to keep you hydrated and entertained. With an easy to use straw top and handle for carrying, this bottle is perfect for gifting or bringing along on your next adventure.


Utility Cloths set of 3

Car Diffusers 6chf for a pack of 2

Log Carrier 42chf

Bike Socks 17chf

Golf Socks 17chf

Golf Multi Tool


Metal Luggage Tag (and bottle opener) 14chf

Charades 14chf

Coffee Scoop and Clip 7chf

Cocktail Playing Cards 15chf

Camping Blanket 40chf

Travel Cutlery Set 16chf

Straw Set 14chf

Head Torch 34chf

GH Bocce 45chf

Ceramic Coasters 25chf (set of 4)

Glass Straws: Clear Set of 6 with brush 8chf

Beer Playing Cards 16chf


Manicure Kit


Manicure Tool in a Tin

Tooled Up Set

Bike Tool in a tin 20chf

Roll Up Reversible Magnetic Dartboard 54chf

Bike Reflective Strap 7chf

Peace Hand Sculpture 28chf

Micro Fibre Mini Towel 4chf


Travel Case in plaid 5chf


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March 22, 2024

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