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Inspired by plentiful summer harvests, this collection is an iconic celebration of Italian cuisine. Sicilian Oranges, Amalfi Lemons and Italian Peaches revive the timeless allure of summers on the Italian Riviera πŸ‹πŸŠπŸ‘

Daylily: Through the use of artistic impressions and expressive brushstrokes, this collection represents the mood and emotions from the song Daylily, in particular the lyric “pink cloud summer” ☁️

Statement stripes and vivid hues come together to accentuate simple shapes and patterns. The use of bold colours creates an eye-catching collection that is sure to boost moods.

Sherbet Fizz: Inspired by marbling inks, this combination of psychedelic compositions and abstract patterns creates a fun and vibrant energy 🍬


Motif Mints’s team of artists and illustrators are always on the lookout for what’s new, and what’s hot, allowing them to bring you collections each year that are at the forefront of design. They take our cues from the worlds of fashion, interiors, art and pop culture ensuring a series of collections that are diverse and delicious!

Below you can find the current collections, in stock and available for purchase now. 6chf per tin.



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April 3, 2023

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