Gifts for Babies & Little Ones


Elephant Wooden Toy 14chf

Lion Xylophone 22chf

Tambourine 12chf


1 Metre Long Puzzle 12chf

Swaddling Blanket 16chf

Wooden Shape Sorter 14chf

Wooden rattle 9chf

Panda Hat and Bib 12chf

Panda Bath Kit 8chf

Circus Blocks 1 to 10

Tooth Tin 4chf

Puzzle Blocks 12chf

Play Tickets 3chf

Wooden Bamboo Spoons 5chf each

Meri Meri Rattles from 20 – 24chf



Puppy Shoes 25chf

Mini Soothing Blanket with Cat or Dog topper 35chf






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October 4, 2022

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