Measuring Spoons 10chf and Spatula 10chf

Black set of 3 Cheese knives 40chf and Wooden Swiss Cheese Board 22chf

Set of 4 gold bowls 20chf


Set of 4 Twisted candles 20chf and Candlesticks Large 25chf, Medium 20chf

French Tumblers 5chf each

Bloomingville Measuring Cup 10chf

Mr or Mrs Pot Scrubbing Brush

Hedgehog Dish Scrubbing Brush

Bamboo Straws Kit

Healthy Snacks reusable bags

Panda Reusable Bags




Cheese & Wine Board includes cheese knife and Wine Bottle opener

Jam Jar Bags 5chf for 2

Tea Biscuit Clips – Set of 4 for 6chf


Mini First Aid Tin 10chf

Cheese Knives 20chf (set of 3)

Wildflowers Tea Towel 7chf

Wildflowers Shopping List 5chf


Sticky Notes 6chf

Glass Watering Can 38chf


Rainbow Sponges Set of 2 – 6chf


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August 25, 2021

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