Party Brights


Paper napkins 5chf

Paper Badge

Cups 5chf

fabric bunting 24chf

 Plates 6chf

Party Hats 10chf for 8

 Party Hat 10chf

 Twirl Candles 4chf

Party Blowers 7chf for 8

Napkins 5chf

Light Up Head Band 10chf

Window Sticker

Cake Topper

Paper Napkins 5chf, Paper Plates 6chf and Paper Cups 5chf

Paper Plates 6chf


Magic Candles


Napkins 5chf

Candlesticks 16chf each

Streamers 7chf

Plates 6chf

Paper Bags for take home treats 6chf for 8

Paper Bags for treats 4chf for 10

Paper Bags for take home party favours or small gifts 6chf for 8


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February 17, 2024

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