Afternoon Tea Party

Floral Bunting 24chf

Spring Napkins 5chf

Bud Vases 10chf

Candles Sticks Large 16chf

Small 10chf

Candles 10chf for set of 2

Place Cards _ filled withs seeds that you can plant!

10chf for 20

Flower Tokens

Spring Food Picks 4chf

Ditsy Straws 4chf

Ditsy Floral Plates 6chf

Ditsy Floral Rose Gold Garland 5chf

Floral Bunting 7chf

Meadow Napkins 5chf

Floral Paper Bunting

Pastel Paper Plates 6chf

Pastel Pink Fabric Bunting 20chf

Ceramic Jug

Glas Watering Can

Set of 4 Crop Side Plates



Posted on

April 26, 2022

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