Great Outdoors


Make A Car


Collapsible Tumbler with Pill Compact 5chf

Huckleberry Kaleidoscope 10chf


Huckleberry Popcorn Maker 22chf


Bike Lights Set of 2 9chf

Bike Watcher Mirror

Waterproof Bag 10chf


Waterproof Shoe Sleeve 6chf

Wooden Carving Tool 10chf

Cable Ties 7chf

Road Trip Game 9chf

Rocket Lunch Box 20chf

Torch Lantern 18chf

Dominoes in a gift tin 9chf

Dice Game in a gift tin 9chf

Waterproof Dry Bag 22chf

Backpack Multi Tool 22chf

Waterproof Sketchbook 10chf

Travel Hammock 40chf



Enamel Espresso Cups Set of 2 – 25chf

Rain Poncho 3chf

Bike Cup Holder 10chf

Glass Marbles Bag by Huckleberry 7chf

Pop Up Net 10chf

Butterfly House 15chf

BBQ Waterproof Playing Cards 14chf

Grab Stick (use to pick up litter on your nature walks) 18chf

Fishing Kit 10chf

Bouncy Ball in an Egg shape 3chf

Bone shaped dominoes 18chf


Morse Code Light 16chf

Cable Transport 20chf

Fire Starter

Swip Wallet


Nano Tape Phone Holder 5chf – Reusable sticker holder that holds up to 400g (0.9Ibs)! Use it to stick your phone or small tablet to any smooth surface.

Bike Vase 8chf

Travel Trivia 9chf


Phone Stand

Huckleberry Gardening Kit


Clip Light 10chf

Tickets Book 10chf

Phone Stand 10chf


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October 22, 2021

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