Yes Studio

Lava Lamp 24chf

Lip Balm 4chf

Lip Scrub 5chf

Glow up Serum 10chf

Day Cream & Night Cream 10chf

Pack of 8 20chf or 3 chf each

Pack of 5 15 chf or 3chf each


Masks 3chf each

Cream 10chf

Pink Clay Face Mask 10chf

Bath Fizzer Slab 6chf

LED Light

Peach Body Butter 10chf

Hand Cream 6chf


Hair Mask 10chf

Tweezers, Nail Polish, Scissors 6chf

Hot Water Bottle


Satin Bed Set: Pillow case, scrunch and eye mask.

Peach Body Scrub 10chf

Nail Files 2chf each

Make Up Blenders 10chf

Eye Brushes 15chf

Faces Brushes 15chf

Scrunchies 4chf (sold seperately)

Beauty Sleep Kit

Sleep Kit


Peach Body Kit


Posted on

April 26, 2023

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