Ha! I did mention that I was going to give a behind the scenes look at seeting up my shop. But who knew it would be in so much detail. I think it is because there is still 6 weeks to go before I have access and so lots of time to share everything that is going on…

I am now also waiting for some new pieces to arrive that will help furnish the shop and give it a new look. I sourced some goodies from HK Living and if I had a room or home to decorate at the moment, I would properly pick everything from their catalogue. It is so good right now.

So what did I find for the shop? I bought this cobalt blue table lamp for the desk display we will have (afterall one of our tags lines is stylish stationery so definitely need a desk area) and this cool bar stool for behind the counter. I wanted something slimline and with the added cushioning: comfy.

You have already seen the overhead lights and the storage crates; and then to be honest pretty much everything else is white: white shelves, white drawers, white counter top, white tables. Oh! and this rug that brings together all the colours, that I found by total accident at IKEA and in their action section!