For In Good Company II, the idea was to do something similar to the first In Good Company, but obviously on a smaller and more manageable scale. I have for a long time been analysing all the things that we did in the past and all the things that worked and didn’t work. I realised most of all I missed the actual shop itself and being able to be in the store engaging with customers. I also realised that whilst I still like to throw big parties, I am not as “into it” as I used to be. And so in October 2020, a little In Good Company Gifts Store will open in Hunenberg, Switerland!

It will as the name suggests, be mostly gifts and maybe a few best of the best party goodies that I find along the way. It will just be the one shop in Huenenberg and it will just be me… There will be a website showing most of our goodies but it will really be so you can see what is in store, so not a fully fledged online one and I am hoping to be sharing daily lots of gifting ideas on our blog.

Everything is still a work in process but here is a sneak peek at our shop that will be opening October 2020.