Caroline Gardner


Coffee Cup 14chf


Wash Bag

Cosmetic Mini Bag 16chf

Travel Pouch 32chf

Coin Purse 16chf

Notebook 8 chf

Travel Bags set of 3 20chf

Tea Towels Set of 2 20chf

Apron 20chf

Heart Keyring 16chf

List Pad 8chf



Wallet 16chf

Keyring 12chf

Purse 16chf

Large Wash Bag 18chf

Face Pads in a. fabric bag 12chf


Keyrings 12chf

Pen and pencil 20chf

Set of 5 pens 20chf

Pens 10chf

Leather Keyring 12chf

Face pads in a bag 12chf

Square Coin & Card Purse 16chf

Cube Cosmetic Bag 16chf

Slim Pens Set of 3, 20chf

Coloured Pens 12chf

Faux Leather Pencil Bag 16chf

ECO Coffee Cup 14chf

Heart keyring 12chf

Spiral Notebook 14chf

A5 Notebook 10chf

Face cloths in a bag

Pencil Case

Notecards and envelopes


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April 26, 2023

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