Party Favours



Box of slugs 6chf

Little Sailing Boats 6chf each

Little Wooden Pull Back Cards 6chf each


Magic Butterfly

Fortune Telling Tea Kit 10chf

Surprise Ball – each one filled with 5 little mini toy surprises 7chf per ball

Wish Capsule Bracelet (also available in silver) 22chf


Bib and Hat 12 chf

Air Freshener 2chf

Bath Mitt 7chf

Panda Hair Clips Set of 2 chf

Plasters 4chf

Baby Socks 3chf

Party Bags 6chf

Rings 5chf

Nail File 2chf

Washi tape 4chf


Stretch Geckos 3chf

Bettle Tattoos 2chf

Toothbrush 4chf

Stamp Pens 8chf

Cloud Trinket Tray 7chf

Party Bags 6chf for 6

Patch 2chf

Napkins 5chf

Unicorn Snack Pot 4chf

Tattoos 2chf

Clay 2chf


Lollipop of Hairbands 2chf

Colour Pencil 3chf


Clips 2chf for 2

Snack Boxes 6chf for 3

Glow in the Dark Dino Puzzle 4chf


Yoyos 4chf


Toothbrush 4chf

Torch Projector



Water Pistol 3chf

Space Erasers 4chf

Space Rocket Pen

Vinyl Cloth

Mini Coloured Pencils 4chf

Chess Set

Snap Cards 3chf

Play Tickets 3chf

Toothbrush 4chf

Toothbrush 4chf

Retro Metallic Pens – set of 3 10chf

Paint Tube looking pen – available in red, green, blue and black. 3chf each


Shoe Erasers 4chf

Owl Erasers 4chf

Acorn erasers 1 chf each

Flower Pen 4chf

Blue and White Twine 7chf



Erasers 3chf

Farm erasers 3chf

Handwriting Kit


Woodland Erasers 4chf

Heart Erasers 4chf

Solar Leaf Keyring

Wooden Yoyos 4chf


Mouse in House 12chf


Lollipop hairbands 2chf


Giraffe Ruler 4chf

Drumstick Pens Set of 2

Gummy Bear Lip Balm 5chf each

Bunny Pencils

Dinosaur Egg 5chf

Snack Boxes 6 chf set of 3

Shark Water Bottle 8chf


Pinballs 5chf

Juggling Balls 5chf

Light Bulb 2chf

Multi Tool Pen 10chf

Snack Bags 4chf for 3

Bunny Pen 2chf



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May 24, 2022

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