Party Favours


Shark Hand Puppet 7chf

Needoh Noodles 7chf

Lunar Space Gun 5chf

Wind Up Metal Tin Robot 8chf

Shaggy Needoh 4chf

Dinosaur hand Puppet 7chf

Pirate Telescope 8chf

Nail Stickers 4chf

Bouncy Ball




Bouncy Balls filled with figurines and glitter 5chf

Tiger Flat Water Pouch 4chf

Rainbow Egg shaped Erasers 4chf

Elephant Hair Clips 3chf for set of 2

Dinosaur Six Colours Pen 4chf

Mouse Pen 4chf


Fish Shaped Nail Clippers 4chf


Head Torch 4chf

Dinosaur Baking Liners for Cupcakes 3chf

Fairy Cupcake Liners 3chf

Panda pen – push the one ear down and get a blue pen and push the other ear down and get a black pen! 2chf

Kalediscope 5chf each

Berry Purse 5chf

Nail Stickers 4chf


Suki Nail Polish 3chf


Plasters 5chf

Tattoos 2chf (2 sheets)

Ocean Stickers 4chf

Tattoos 2chf

Tattoos (2 sheets) 2chf

Magic Butterfly Card 4chf

Box of slugs 6chf

Little Sailing Boats 6chf each

Little Wooden Pull Back Cards 6chf each

Plasters 4chf

Party Bags 6chf

Bettle Tattoos 2chf

Toothbrush 4chf

Party Bags 6chf for 6

Tattoos 2chf

Clay 2chf

Snack Boxes 6chf for 3 (2chf each)


Yoyos 4chf

Vinyl Cloth

Retro Metallic Pens – set of 3 10chf

Paint Tube looking pen – available in red, green, blue and black. 3chf each

Acorn erasers 1 chf each

Woodland Erasers 4chf

Wooden Yoyos 4chf


Gummy Bear Lip Balm 5chf each

Dinosaur Egg 5chf

Pinballs 5chf

Snack Bags 4chf for 3

Tilt Puzzles 1chf each


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April 23, 2023

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