Football Party

Napkins 5chf


Soccer Balloons 8chf for 12


Metallic Balloons 20chf for 30

Gold Bunting

Champion Garland 12chf

Fabric Bunting 24chf


Paper Cups 5chf

Paper Plates 6chf

Soccer Candles Set of 6 5chf

Candleholders 16chf

On the Go Cutlery

On the Go Straws

Enamel Mugs


Whisky Glasses

Ice Moulds in the shape of footballs

Ceramic Coffee/Soup Mug

Fireplace Matches

Cheese & Wine Board

Camping Blanket

Ceramic Coffee/Soup Mug



Treat Bags 6chf for 6

Gold Napkins 6chf

Napkins 5chf

Grass Pens



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November 10, 2022

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