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Mushroom Bath Bombs 7chf

Bath Pearls 6chf a bag

Bubble Bath 5chf

Pillow Spray 8chf

Heart Bath Confetti 5chf

Therapy Putty 8chf

Wooden Kitchen Tongs

Learning Tower of Pepper 36chf

Cat Face Roller 10chf

Huggable Pillow 30chf

Storm Tropper Water Bottle 36chf

Landscape Paint Kit 18chf


Poker Set 38chf

Deer shaped corkscrew and bottle opener


Boat shaped multi tool 10chf


Slap Luggage Tag

DIY Weather House 20chf

Dish Brush

Day at the Beach Dog Kit 20chf

Mr Lint Roller 16chf

Cast Your Own Track

Make Your Own Perfume

Laundry Buddies 10chf

Mushroom Lights on a String

Bath Bombs 5chf

Dog-shaped Stress Toy

Unicorn Bath Soap 8chf

Stress less Bath Light

Rainbow Light 22chf

Bath Bombs 5chf

Bee Hive Incense Holder

Create Your Own Baby Clay Impressions Kit

Crystal Candle

Sea Themed Animal Clips 6chf for 6

Garden Thermometer

Toy for Dogs 8chf

Bike Reflecting Stickers 6chf


Monet Set of 3 Pouches 16chf

Mouse Screen Cleaner 8chf

Heart Spoon Straw 8chf


Licht Up Beanie 15chf

Map Toiletry Bag 15chf

Huggable Mushroom 32chf

Cactus Sponges Set of 2 for 8chf

Make Your Own Tug Dog Toy 20chf


Koi Morph Shot Glasses for 20chf

Jumbo Crayons 12chf


Dog Toy


Lucky Cat 25chf


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August 21, 2023

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